Fake Websites

We are an internationally known and recognised brand that holds household weight, a great reputation and amazing value for money. Due to our ethos, our brand gets targeted by fraudulent attempts to clone our website, tricking our customers by using our brand identity. The most common form of fraudulent attempts to clone our brand is called website phishing, a type of cybercrime where customers are lured into providing sensitive information, such credit card details, names and addresses. These types of fake websites seem to offer great discounts or unmissable offers on our products like what we offer on our official website.We want our customers to pay attention and be cautious of websites that look similar to the official it Luggage websites. Our official it Luggage brand website, www.itluggage.com, offers and guarantees a safe and secure shopping experience for our customers and will continue to do so by helping you spot the fake from the real.Here at it Luggage, we are regularly checking and taking action with relevant authorities to remove and block fraudulent websites. We would advise you to be vigilant and do your due diligence before shopping. If you encounter a fake website, we strongly encourage all of our customers to inform the authorities immediately.You can use the following two sites to report any fraudulent website:NCSCwww.ncsc.gov.uk/collection/phishing-scams/report-scam-websiteAction Fraudwww.actionfraud.police.uk

Tips To Avoid Phishing Attempts

URL – One of the first tips is to check the URL of the websites you visit. Fake links usually imitate the websites URL
by adding extra or unnecessary words such as Sale, Discount, Cheap etc. They also use slight spelling mistakes. If you are not certain if you are on an official IT Luggage website, you can e-mail us directly by contacting our customer service department here - Contact Us where one of our team will be able to confirm or deny if this is legitimate website or not.
Invasive Advertising – Be aware of invasive advertising when you enter the website. If the website is full of advertisements popping up, offering you further discounts, asking for personal information such as addresses or credit card details, it’s likely that you are on a phishing website.Payment Methods – What are the payment methods? If the website is only offering bank transfer or direct credit card payments, be wary. A trusted verified website will offer multiple payment methods from brands such as PayPal, Klarna, Google Pay, Apple Pay etc alongside the typical credit/debit card options.

Fake Social Media

Social Media PlatformsWe also warn our customers to be aware of any fraudulent social media accounts that may appear on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter pretending to be us. Our official social media accounts are as follows:Facebook www.facebook.com/itluggageInstagram - @itluggage / www.instagram.com/itluggageTwitter - @itluggage / www.twitter.com/itluggageWe are constantly taking action with Meta & X to remove/block any fraudulent pages pretending to be us. We would advise you to always double check the web domains and URLs as fake websites will almost certainly have the same appearance, use our trademarks, products, and brand identity.We ask you to please report & block any social accounts that are not our official accounts. Please note that it Luggage cannot be held accountable or responsible for any purchases made on fake website or any fraudulent pages.If you have any questions about suspicious activity, please Contact Us here.

Official Partners

We work with a number of official partners that are registered distributors for us here at it Luggage. If you do see our products on their official websites, social media platforms and in-stores it has come directly from us. Official Partners (Past & Present): ASDA, TK Maxx, JD Williams, Dunelm, Primark, Argos, Matalan, Amazon, Very, Sports Direct, Next, House of Fraser, Studio, John Lewis, Jacamo, Robert Dyas, The Original Factory Store, TJ Hughes, The Baggage Factory.if you are unsure if you are shopping with one of our official partners, you can e-mail us to check.


What if I ordered from a fake website?

Unfortunately, we cannot be held accountable or responsible for any purchases made on fake/fraudulent websites. We would advise you to contact your bank and report the website.

How to recognise a fake website?

A few tips to check if the website is fake:

  1. Check the URL closely for spelling mistakes.
  2. Don't be fooled by legitimate-looking subdomains.
  3. Inspect the site's security certificate.
  4. Consider how you found the website in the first place.
  5. Use Safe Browsing tools or a website checker.
  6. Look for spelling, grammar, and formatting issues.

How do I report a fake website?

If you come across any fake/fraudulent websites or pages, please report them to one of the following websites.


Action Fraudwww.actionfraud.police.uk

Can you get your money back from a fake website?

How did you pay? Depending on the payment method, we would advise payment company or bank that issued the credit card or debit card.