10-Year Warranty

Our luggage is rigorously tested to ensure it meets not only industry standards but more importantly withstands the travel needs of our customers.

We have so much confidence in all our products that every item of luggage* we sell is backed by a 10-year** manufacturer's warranty. This warranty provides reassurance that should any fault or defect become apparent during the warranty period we will endeavour to repair, provide new parts, or replace your luggage.

Please ensure you keep the warranty hangtag and proof of purchase such as a till receipt, invoice, or an online order confirmation (Bank/credit card statements are not accepted as proof of purchase), as without which, claims will not be valid.

Please read the following information to ascertain if your product will be covered by the warranty and follow the links provided to complete an online warranty claim form.

*Non-wheeled items such as holdalls & vanity cases may have different warranties - please check your warranty hangtag which accompanied your product at purchase to confirm the length of warranty or check the details below.

**Time frame of warranty may differ from country to country please check your warranty hangtag which accompanied your product at purchase to confirm the length of warranty or check the details below.

  • What's covered by the warranty?

    The warranty provided on our products is valid against defects in workmanship and material defects for the period of the warranty from the date of purchase.

    Allowing for reasonable wear and tear, should any defect in workmanship become apparent during the warranty period, we will endeavour to repair, provide new parts, or replace your luggage. (Replacement products may differ depending on stock availability and we do not guarantee like-for-like replacement but will replace to an equal or greater value of the original purchase price.)

    Replacement products will be covered by the warranty equal to the length of time remaining on the warranty of your original purchase.

    Shipping charges may apply.

    Please Note: Warranty claims can take up to 28 business days to complete upon receipt of all warranty information requested.

    Warranty claims are processed in order of receipt, and we ask for your patience in peak travel periods.

  • What's not covered by the warranty?

    Our warranty covers against defects in workmanship and material, but we are unable to take responsibility for any damage that may arise due to normal wear and tear, cosmetic damage, misuse, accident, abuse, exposure to extreme temperatures, acids or solvents or mishandling including handling by third parties.

    The Warranty only extends to the original owner of the item.

    The warranty does not extend to include:

      - Replacement of other items that may have been purchased as part of a set
      - Incidental or consequential damages, such as damage to or loss of the contents of a bag, loss of use, loss of time, or similar expenses
      - Combination lock issues due to the incorrect setting of a combination lock, forgetting the combination lock number or deliberately forcing the lock open
      - Zippers that have been damaged due to force
      - Products purchased from unauthorised it luggage retailers

    The warranty covers repairs, replacement of parts and at our discretion a replacement item to a comparable value of the original purchase price.  Shipping Fees may apply.

  • What happens if an airline damages my case?

    Airline baggage handling is the most common cause of damage to luggage. 

    it luggage is not responsible for any damage that occurs whilst your luggage is in transit and we recommend that such damage is reported to the airline or carrier as soon as it is discovered.

    Inspect your product immediately after receiving it from the transit company. Airline damages can be claimed from the respective airline you are travelling with.

    Claims need to be registered before leaving the airport at the airline customer service desk.

    Details will be requested from you such as:

    - Passenger name and date of flight
    - Flight number
    - Ticket number
    - Details of damage with a picture

    Ensure you receive an acknowledgement receipt.

  • Do I need to register my item to qualify for a 10-year warranty?

    There is no need to register to validate the warranty.

    All warranty claims must be supported by the Warranty hangtag and be accompanied by proof of purchase such as a till receipt, invoice, or digital order confirmation, without which, claims will not be valid.

    Please note: bank/credit card statements are not accepted as proof of purchase.

How do I make a claim?

  • UK & Europe

    If your product was purchased within the last 12 months, the warranty lies with the retailer during this period. Your suitcase, therefore, is to be returned to the store with your proof of purchase. If it is a manufacturing fault, they should be able to provide you with a replacement or refund.

    If you purchased your product more than 12 months ago, please complete the warranty form on our contact us page with all relevant information and photography to start the claim process.

    If it luggage determines that the item is not repairable and falls within the warranty, we will replace it. Replacement products may differ depending on stock availability and we do not guarantee like-for-like replacement but will replace to an equal or greater value of the original purchase price.

    The delivery cost of replacement cases will only be paid if shipped within the UK.

  • USA & Canada

    Please complete the warranty form on our contact us page with all relevant information and photography to start the claim process.

    If it luggage determines that your claim is valid within the terms of our warranty, we will repair, provide new parts, or replace your luggage.

    Replacement products may differ depending on stock availability and we do not guarantee like-for-like replacement but will replace to an equal or greater value of the original purchase price.

    While it luggage USA Ltd. will repair, or replace your luggage at our expense, if a defect in workmanship is found, the consumer is responsible for all freight charges as this guarantee does not cover transportation costs. Shipment of replacement bags or parts can be made to U.S. and Canadian addresses only (no PO or APO addresses).

    This guarantee gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

    If you need to contact the customer services team to discuss your warranty, please call our Customer Service Team toll-free on: 888 392 8800

  • India

    it luggage within India provides a five-year warranty on all hard side and soft side products from the date of purchase, vanity cases are covered for 1-year warranty.

    Products deemed out of warranty may still be eligible for repairs. However, the customer will be responsible for the repair costs and shipping fees to and from our repair facility.

    In the case of approved replacements, if the product is no longer available or is out of stock, it will be replaced by an equivalent price product. If the customer wishes to upgrade and buy any other expensive product, the customer will be required to pay the difference. If the customer wishes to buy a low-cost product, a credit note or gift card for the difference shall be provided.

    Replacement for warranty-approved bags will be done after damaged bags are provided to it luggage.

    In cities, where we do not have our office or vendors, the customer shall courier the bag for any service required to our facility at their own cost. The cost of return shipment post-repair will be borne by it luggage.

    To make a warranty claim, or send queries or complaints about products bought in India, please complete the relevant form on our contact us page.

  • Norteamérica

    it luggage USA Ltd. garantiza que este producto estará libre de defectos de confección por un periodo de diez años a partir de la fecha de compra.

    Caso de aparecer cualquier defecto de confección durante el periodo de garantía repararemos o reemplazaremos el producto con otro equivalente.

    Si Ud. percibe un defecto en la confección llame a nuestro Servicio de Atención al Cliente al número gratuito 888 392 8800 y le daremos todas las instrucciones pertinentes para formular su reclamación.

    it luggage USA Ltd. podría autorizar la devolución del producto defectuoso en determinados casos en los que una revisión ulterior sea precisa.

    Si bien it luggage USA Ltd. reparará o reemplazará su equipaje a nuestra costa en caso de que se encuentren defectos en la confección del producto el consumidor es responsable de todos los gastos de transporte, que no están cubiertos por esta garantía.

    Envío de productos de reemplazo o partes solo puede ser realizado a direcciones de los USA (no a apartados postales u oficinas postales)

    Rogamos conserve una copia de su recibo de compra que será imprescindible para iniciar cualquier reclamación con nuestras oficinas.

    Esta garantía no cubre daños causados por accidentes, mal uso, robo, uso y desgaste normal, o daño de los bienes causados por aerolíneas u otros transportistas habituales.

    Si ocurriera daño mientras se está bajo cuidado de personal de aerolíneas o de otro transportista habitual, es su responsabilidad realizar un reclamo inmediatamente para que el daño pueda ser revisado por el transportista.

    Por supuesto, cada aerolínea/transportista tiene distintos procedimientos a seguir, de manera que lo instamos a inspeccionar siempre su equipaje apenas lo recupera de la cinta de reclamo de equipaje de la aerolínea/transportista.

    Siempre estamos disponibles para asistirlo de cualquier forma posible, así que por favor no dude en contactarnos si tiene alguna pregunta.

    Esta garantía le da derechos específicos y puede tener otros derechos que varían de un estado a otro.

    Las reclamaciones de garantía deben informarse a nuestro equipo de servicio al cliente de USA deben incluir la siguiente información:

    1. País de residencia
    2. Copia del recibo original de la factura de compra o de la confirmación del pedido en línea (NB. Los extractos bancarios o de tarjetas de crédito no se aceptan como comprobante de compra)
    3. Copia de la etiqueta colgante de garantía de la parte posterior, la parte que indica el número de estilo y las especificaciones de su maleta.
    4. Foto de la avería
    5. Foto de la maleta
    6. Explicación de cómo ocurrió la falla / daño

  • Amérique du Nord

    It luggage USA Ltd. garantie que le produit ne présente aucun défaut de fabrication pour une période de 10 ans à partir de la date d’achat.

    Nous le réparerons ou remplacerons avec un produit similaire si un défaut de fabrication survient pendant la période de garantie.

    Si votre produit présente un défaut de fabrication, veuillez contacter notre équipe Service Client et Après-Vente au 888 392 8800 (appel gratuit) et nous vous transmettrons les instructions nécessaire pour remplir une demande d’indemnisation.

    it luggage USA Ltd. pourra vous donner l’autorisation de retourner votre produit défectueux dans certains cas si notre équipe l’estime nécessaire.

    Si le défaut de fabrication est identifié, it luggage USA Ltd. se chargera de réparer ou remplacer votre valise à ses frais, cependant la garantie ne couvrant pas les coûts de transport, le consommateur sera responsable de tout frais de transport.

    Veuillez conserver une copie de votre reçu d’achat car il sera nécessaire pour le lancement d’une demande d’indemnisation.

    Cette garantie ne s’applique pas aux dommages imputables à une utilisation abusive (comme le transport d'objets inappropriés), à la négligence, à des accidents, à l’usure par frottement, à une exposition à des températures extrêmes, aux solvants, aux acides, à l'eau, à une usure normale ou à des détériorations durant le transport (lignes aériennes, par exemple).

    it luggage décline toute responsabilité quant aux dégâts occasionnés lorsque le bagage est en transit.

    Si votre valise est endommagée lors d’un voyage, nous vous recommandons vivement de déposer une réclamation auprès de la compagnie de transport (qui est assurée contre les détériorations de votre produit) dès votre arrivée, si possible avant les formalités douanières.

    it luggage s’engage à tout mettre en oeuvre pour apporter une solution rapide et satisfaisante dans le cadre de cette garantie commerciale.

    Cette garantie est destinée à vous assurer des droits légaux spécifiques. En plus des droits précisés ici, il est possible que vous disposiez également d’autres droits, susceptibles de varier d’un état à l’autre ou d'un pays à l’autre, quant à l’exclusion ou à l’application des garanties implicites, des dommages accidentels et indirects, ainsi que des clauses de réparation et de remplacement.